ZONE OF APPROXIMATE SELF, Photoshop, 16x12, 2002


HABITS OF MIND, Photoshop, 16x12, 2002


EPITHETS OF SELFHOOD, Photoshop, 16x12, 2002

 At first I thought of doing a self study of myself. That is an re-examination of my journey through life, those memorable events and roles I have played, some well received, some unacknowledged like the voice and nuances of a true poet. Yet, those epithets are still green in my being for they will for long be inseparable parts of my existence that those who will be writing my biography will have to grapple with. I realized that it would take numerous frames to articulate all those voices. I could at least start with it and develop the series later on. One way was to amass numerous sketches from my life realities and present the portfolio as a digital sketchpad. The alternative was to concentrate on aspects of the study and generate three highly finished Photoshop images to print on canvas for museum and school gallery exhibitions. There are a million ways to go about the project. There will never be enough time in ones life to execute them all!

My ultimate intention in this project is to produce two images in the Photoshop program that can stand the curiosity of the art viewing public. The project topic, "Self Portrait" is an invaluable topic, yet a critical one. Thinking about the life one is living as a metacognitive strategy has dual implications. Such a process of reflective thinking about oneself may if less controlled lead to remorse even a descent to a lower level of self. On the other hand, it can lead to self actualization. In one of the finished works, "Zone of Approximate Self," some viewers will see the former, others will perceive the later. The intention is to have a balance of both polarities so that viewers can think about their lives too, not necessarily to instill an element of controversy in the work. In another work, "Habits of Mind," the content is subsumed in the title. What is basic to metacognition is the impulse of thinking about ones own thoughts, in the context of this project, thinking about my own selfhood. However, the other indicator is that this metacognitive experience, that is the outcome of this affective state will enhance the performance of my duties as a citizen of the world, family person, art specialist, educator, and my other selves.

The topic "Self Portrait" is a suitable for K-12 as well as college and continuing education art education and art therapy lessons. Those who for reason can not manually render their thoughts can scan their faces, limbs, belongs, and other things that personify their selves.  The finished works can be altered in innumerable ways to create additional work, which includes enlarging specific areas of a work, cropping and montage, and a collage of units from several related works. Together, they form a suite that animates the self they embody.  I am aware of the consequences of plagiarism in visual arts and textual works. I am also aware that appropriation is an epitome of postmodernism and that "fair use" is an exempt in the copyrights of the written words.  In relation to digital art, the Photoshop images are 12x16 inches in dimension and should print that in that measurement. However, the concept of original is not easily negotiated but the concept of matrix-cum-print relation is readily achieved. Any of these images can be duplicated, transmitted and printed on a diversity of surfaces except if the concept of the work, as in my PageMaker project, prohibits.  In my opinion, digital art is still in the process of its fruitful journey through the arts. It is a good medium to manipulate images in ways that are not easily achieved by all artists who cling to the program. Beyond being a tool for visual communication and industrial design, creation of artist image, I feel that some of my digital art should be digitally project to the external space for viewing. For example, the originality of "Habits of Mind" is ephemeral. It should be projected on the artist for its relevance to be complete. I have yet broader digital idea that will be project from a spacecraft. Digital art should be largely consumed digitally for that is its locale.





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