Shoot West Africa



The following are film proposals for your consideration to fund and or to underwrite and acquire the Rights to:

(The film presents a social conflict of civil responsibilities and cultural preservation set in two continents.)

Script Title: Good Man of Kongolango

Writer's Name: Barthosa Nkurumeh

Script Type: Melodramatic Social Reality

Setting: Two Continents- set in the present in one country in the Western world and another in West Africa

Theme: Conflict of Civil Responsibilities and Cultural Preservation

Major Characters: A Protagonist, Antagonist, Victim, and two Center of Consciousness

Synopsis: A man of transparent honesty and selflessness returns after 21 years of stay in the West in the hope of "civilizing" his village with his family skills and contacts. He found that, driven by lasting hardship in the country, most folks have found fond renewal in Christianity. Nevertheless, still standing are some public/community shrines, such as a 1,000 year-old tree shrine. The dead huge branches of the sacred tree, often, fall on passersby; and it just did, killing his son. The whole village mourns on what the charismatic son would have been for he excelled in all that he dared, and was loved by most. His choice to cut down the historic tree, rather, enrages the people. No public appeal, no charitable restitution seems to save. Unwilling, but he must return with family of mixed races to the West.


Script Title: Back to Eden

Writer: Barthosa Nkurumeh

Script Type: Comedy/Adventure (7 productions in the series)

Setting: One World in The Great Tribulation Era

Synopsis: A comedy of errors set in the third year of the Great Tribulation. Unendurable as the time, four friends at the prime of youth are in a dare search of the Garden of Eden that they may live there. One is a Gnostics professor of Archeology and freelance comedian. The other three are a celebrated stunt artist, a son of a minister who is a rap artist/musician/Poet and his fiancée. Does the Garden of Eden exist on planet earth? Will the committee-of-friends find their utopia Eden to live forever?
"Perhaps, we may never find it. Perhaps, we are dreaming. May be, the Garden is not earth, at all" says the Rapper.
"Don't be such a baby. It does exist!" reclaims the professor.
"But where is the very Garden?" inquiries another
They go searching the favorite locations as diverse as inside the city limits of Independence Missouri, Middle East near Mesopotamia, Ethiopia, Java, Sri Lanka, and The Seychelles. The relentless exploration will lead them to the Sundaland in the South China Sea, mystical sunken land of Atlantis, may be, to Brabant, Bristol, or Florida. There will be seven productions in the series, each bearing a related title, such as Back to Missouri's Eden, The Eden Mesopotamians, Hard Week's Work in Ethiopia's Eden, and South China Sea Edenites.

(The film presents a spiritual drama based on a real-life triumph of the will, set in the USA and Nigeria.)

Script Title: Tt

Writer's Name: Barthosa Nkurumeh

Script Type: Thriller/Social Realism Drama

Setting: The years 2020s, set in the USA and Nigeria

Inspiration: The Bible speaks of "training a child in the way he should go and even when he is old he will not depart from it"(Proverbs 22:6).

Logline: Travis is caught up in a stranger's erotic entrapments that turn his private life despondent; the seemingly helpless Travis' only clues to the identity of the now frequent visitor come through her induced revelations, the fiancée must act as his relationship with God grows stronger.

Synopsis: Tt is a spiritual "Thriller" based on a real life story, but reset in the future. The contemporary drama on the triumph of the will begins and ends with the enigma: "Who are you?" A bi-racial American Christian family builds a teaching hospital in Nigeria and moves there. The main characters, Travis, a self-styled philosopher on the verge of manhood must sort out the family values and the obsession of a daughter from the Kingdom Under the Sea. The white mother and grown-up sister are medical doctors at the hospital, and the Nigerian-born father, a former college professor who also works in the hospital as in art therapy have everything going for them except submitting to the pseudo-realism of the New World. Travis is now caught up in the stranger's erotic entrapments that turn his private life despondent; the partly yielding Travis' only clues to the identity of the now frequent Trivianna come through her induced revelations. Travis's fiancée must act, as Travis' relationship with God grows stronger.