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For the past several years I have been working with the idea of silence as a state of mind, not absence of sound. This idea has lead my work to exploring the means of
bringing order to chaos, thus silence.

Inspiration for my work comes from cultural, spiritual, and
intellectual influences which are often rooted in the Ancient, Pagan, and Judeo-Christian traditions of art and philosophic thought. I have researched the formal use of space and light, canons of mathematics, symbolism, and the direct relationship of spirituality to nature as a means to achieving silence. The gathered research is then applied to contemporary social, philosophic, and artistic concerns. I use this research to direct my prints, installations,
artists' books, and related sculptures to design a temporal environment for transcending the chaos into silence.

These ideas of silence are meant to work on two distinct yet harmonious levels. One level is the microcosm, or the artifact. The artifact is an autonomous work of art, yet this work is one voice in a larger conversation. The second level is the macrocosm, the arranged environment in which these artifacts are presented, creating a sense of place, time, narrative, and experience. The idea of the microcosm and the macrocosm are also applied to the elemental aspects of my work. It is the balance of the micro and the macro that ultimately support my ideas of silence.

I am influenced by a number of different ideologies
regarding silence, each presenting a unique visual language which directs the physicality of my work, informing structure and concept. Creating an artist's book and
related objects provides a discipline in which to explore appropriate materials, sculptural concerns, visual and written language, and techniques freely in support of the idea. Each book harmonizes the conceptual to the physical,
presenting the whole as a vehicle of communication.


Originally from Wisconsin, Mary Hood came to Dallas 6 years ago to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree in printmaking from the University of Dallas. Hood was most recently a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of North Texas in Denton. She taught intaglio (etching) and book arts courses. She is represented in Dallas, Texas by Craighead Green Gallery and has exhibited her art throughout the United States. Returning from a residency at the Center for Book and Paper Arts in Chicago, Hood is focusing her attentions on a new body of work to be shown early next year.

Education _________________________________________________________

1995-8 Master of Fine Art, Printmaking: University of Dallas; Irving, TX.

1990-3 Bachelor of Fine Art, Printmaking/Painting: Ringling School of Art and Design; Sarasota, FL

1986-9 Study towards Associate Degree, Commercial Art: Milwaukee Area Technical College; Milw., WI

Solo Exhibitions _________________________________________________

2000 Gainsco Exhibition Space, "Transparent Language", Fort Worth, TexaS

1999 Catherine Smith Gallery, "The Floating World", Appalachian State University: Boone, NC
Texas A&M University Gallery, "Places of Impartial Silence": Commerce, TX

1998 Gallery 414, "Places of Impartial Silence", Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition: Fort Worth, TX

1997 Gee Library, "Selected Books", exhibition of Book Arts. Texas A&M-Commerce; Commerce, TX

1997 Catherine Smith Gallery, "White Noise", commissioned public arts site specific
installation. Sponsored by the Appalachian State
Summer Arts Festival. ASU: Boone, NC

1996 University of Dallas, "The Silent Hours", Master of Art Thesis Exhibition: Irving, TX

1995 McMillian Gallery, "Natural Transparencies ": Madison, WI
Grava Gallery, "Natural Transparencies II ": Milwaukee, WI

Two/Three Person Exhibitions _________________________________

2000 Craighead Green Gallery, "Mary Hood and Scott Simon": Dallas, TX
Bath House Cultural Center, "About Time", collaborative installation with Jennifer Whayne Pepper.
Sponsored by Dallas Visual Art Center: Dallas, TX

1998 Oregon Coast Arts Council, "Experiments in Book Arts", 3 person invitational: Newport, OR

1996 Ken Knight Gallery, "Diana Cannon and Mary Hood": Dallas, TX
Silver Paper Gallery, "Two Painters and A
Printmaker": Milwaukee, WI

Selected Juried/Invitational Exhibitions ______________________

2001 Bath House Cultural Center, "Elemental", curated by Enrique Fern√ ndez Cervantes: Dallas, TX
Gwenda Jay Addington Gallery, "Wax Works", curated by Dan Addington: Chicago, IL
500X Gallery, "Expo 2000", juried by Charles Wylie : Dallas, TX

2000 Henry Street Settlement, "Unbound: Reshaping Artist's Books", curated by Janet Goldner: NY, NY
Dallas Visual Art Center, "...Sound Whispers Silence", 10 artist collaborative installation within
Affinity Groups' Program. Dallas, TX

1999 500X Gallery, "21 and Up", curated exhibition: Dallas, TX
Catherine Street Gallery, "What Did You Do Today", curated exhibition: Staten Island, NY
African American Museum, "Critic's Choice Exhibition", juried exhibition, sponsored by
Dallas Visual Art Center: Dallas, TX

1997 1078 Gallery, "Countdown 2000", juried exhibition: Chico, CA
500X Gallery, "Expo '98", juried by Ted Pillsbury: Dallas, TX
Art Academy of Cincinnati, "Booked", juried exhibition: Cincinnati, OH
414 Gallery, "Gallery Night Exhibition 3", invitational: Fort Worth, TX
Ringling School of Art and Design, "Alumni Invitational Exhibition", RSAD: Sarasota, FL

1996 Honolulu Printmakers Association, "Turning The Page", juried by Hedi Kyle: Honolulu, HA
Craighead-Green Gallery, "1996 New Texas Talent ", juried by Patricia Meadows: Dallas, TX
NY Center For Book Arts, "Mysterious Worlds", juried by Brian Hannon: New York, NY
NY Center For Book Arts, "Geometry & New Math ", juried by Brian Hannon: New York, NY
Katherine Nash Gallery, "Minnesota National Print Biennial", juried by Elizabeth Armstrong, Bill Goldston, and Frances Myers, University of Minnesota: Minnesota, MN

1995 Gallery 451, "Swing To The Left", invitational exhibition: Rockford, IL
Grava Gallery, "Femmes 15", curated by Sally Gauger Jensen: Milwaukee, WI
Porter Butts Gallery, "67th Annual Student Art Exhibition", juried exhibition, UWM: Madison, WI
Porter Butts Gallery, "Graduate Graphics Exhibition", invitational exhibition, UWM: Madison, WI
Internos Gallery, "Mini Art", juried exhibition:
Milwaukee, WI

1994 UW-Madison, "The Velvet Show", invitational exhibition: Madison, WI
The Center For Book Arts, "The Anthropomorphic Book", juried exhibition: New York, NY
Gallery Ten, "Small Works Exhibition", juried exhibition: Rockford, IL
Gallery 218, " Fertility, the Celebration of Things", juried exhibition: Milwaukee, WI
Creative Arts Workshop, "Out of Bounds", juried exhibition: New Haven, CT
Women's Studio Workshop, "All Hands on Deck", invitational exhibition: Rosendale, NY
Union Art Gallery, "Reading Art", juried exhibition, University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee, WI
Gallery 218, "Gang of 40", juried exhibition: Milwaukee, WI
Gallery 218, "A Show of Small Works", juried exhibition: Milwaukee, WI

Teaching Experience ____________________________________________

2000- Visiting Assistant Professor. Artists' Book class for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

2001 Intaglio classes for beginning, advanced undergraduate, and graduate level students.
University of North Texas: Denton, TX
2000 Drawing Instructor. "Sketching in the Galleries", monthly series of workshops focusing on formal aspects of drawing and composition. Dallas Museum of Art: Dallas, TX

1999- Adjunct Professor. Comprehensive Artists' Books course for advanced undergraduate and
2000 graduate level students. University of North Texas: Denton, TX

1998 Book Arts Program Director. Organized and facilitated Book Arts program at a summer art camp for children ages 12-17. Activities included papermaking, letterpress, and bookbinding techniques. Buck's Rock Camp: New Milford, CT

1998 Book Binding Workshops. Beginning and advanced students for binding workshops.
Samuel Houston State University: Huntsville, TX

1997 Book Binding Workshops. Eastern/Western binding. Highland Park High School: Dallas, TX

1997 Book Arts Workshop. One week workshop focusing on Book Arts as a sculptural object; related outdoor installation "White Noise". Appalachian State University; Boone, NC

1997 Debossed Printing Workshop. 2 day workshop. Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology; Otis, OR
Book Binding Workshop. Japanese Stab binding. Elliot Elementary: Irving, TX

1996 Bookbinding Workshop. Japanese Stab binding. University of Dallas: Dallas, TX

1996-8 Bookbinding Workshops. Japanese Stab Bindings, Concertina Bindings, Advanced Signature
Bindings, and Beginning Level workshops. Paper Routes: Dallas, TX

1995 Bookbinding Seminar. Introductory level binding techniques. University of Dallas: Irving, TX

1994-5 Bookbinding Workshops. Beginning and advanced classes. UWM Craft Center: Milwaukee, WI

Professional Experience ________________________________________

2001 Freelance Artist, Specialized fabrication of theatrical props. Winn Morton Designs: Langcaster, TX

2000 Freelance Designer. Responsible for print advertising graphics. Trumeau: Dallas, TX
Freelance Curator, "Books As Art", Dallas Public Library: Dallas, TX

2000 Director of Affinity Groups. Community based program for area artists. DVAC: Dallas, TX

1999 Affinity Group Leader. Dallas Visual Art Center: Dallas, TX

1998- Designer/Artist. Responsible for all graphics including web site, print publications, and 3D illustrations.

2000 Also responsible for creating specialized theatrical props. CommuniLux Productions: Dallas, TX

1997 Printmaking Assistant. Assisted with editions for Juergen Partenheimer; relief, intaglio, and lithography.
Graphics Studio: Tampa, FL

1996-8 Freelance Illustrator. Illustrations for university publication. University of Dallas: Irving, TX

1996 Author. "Debossed Printing", Inksmith, November-January, 1996 issue. Daniel Smith Catalog: Seattle, WA

1995 Freelance Designer. Presentation portfolio designs. Storm Productions: Denver, CO

1994-5 Freelance Illustrator. Design, illustration, and color separations. Wildwood Productions: Madison, WI

1994 Printmaking Assistant. Assisting with Fine Art Print production, Phillip Pearlstein, Gronk, Judy Phaff.
Printmaking processes included relief, intaglio, and lithography. Tandem Press: Madison, WI

1994 Conservation Technician. Responsible for repairing library books. Memorial Library: Madison, WI

1993 Graphic Designer. Responsible for conceptual designs and film separations for silkscreen applications.
Clients included Harley Davidson, Budwiser, and Miller Breweries. Holoubek, Inc.: Waukesha, WI

1993 Summer Intern. Responsibilities included teacher's assistant, administrative assistant, and maintenance of printmaking studios. Women's Studio Workshop: Rosendale, NY
1992 Exhibition Designer Intern. Participated with conceptual designs for hands on exhibition of sound.
Great Explorations Museum: St. Petersburg, FL

1992-3 President. A.L.L.S.(Art is Long, Life is Short). Fine Arts Student Organization, RSAD: Sarasota, FL

1991 Treasurer. A.L.L.S.(Art is Long, Life is Short). Fine Arts Student Organization, RSAD: Sarasota, FL

Visiting Artist Invitations ______________________________________

2000 Artist in Residence. 2 week residency to produce limited edition book, slide presentation.
Center for Book and Paper Arts, Columbia College: Chicago, IL

1999 Visiting Artist. Printmaking demo, lecture, and exhibition, Catherine Smith Gallery. Appalachian State University: Boone, NC Visiting Artist. Individual graduate critiques, slide presentation, and exhibition in
University Gallery. Texas A&M University: Commerce, TX

1998 Visiting Artist. Slide presentation. North Lake Community College: Irving, TX
Visiting Artist. Slide presentation, binding classes. Samuel Houston University: Huntsville, TX

1997 Visiting Artist. Slide presentation, exhibition in Library. Texas A&M University: Commerce, TX
Visiting Artist. Slide presentation, bookbinding classes. Highland Park High School: Dallas, TX
Visiting Artist. Outdoor installation "White Noise", slide presentation, Book Arts Workshop. Sponsored by the Appalachian Summer Arts Festival. Appalachian
State Univ.: Boone, NC

1996 Artist in Residence. 2 month residency: produced limited edition artist book, slide presentation, demonstration on Debossed Printing techniques, and printmaking workshop. Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology: Otis, OR
Visiting Artist. Participation in 4 day retreat with Thesis Students, slide presentation. Ringling School of Art and Design, Chinsegut Retreat: Sarasota, FL

Publications _____________________________________________________

2001 Review, "Waxworks....", North Loop News: Chicago, IL

2000 Review, "Mary Hood and Scott Simon", The Met, June 28, 2000: Dallas, Texas

1999 Review, " Making Books ...", Staten Island Advance, Aug. 6, 1999: Staten Island, NY
Review, "...reflects book art and a spiritual sense...", East Texan, Feb. 3, 1999, Commerce, TX

1998 Review, "Art Beyond Life As An Open Book", FW Star Telegram, April 5,

1998: Fort Worth, TX
Review, "2 Grad Students at Gallery 414...", The Met, April 8, 1998: Dallas, TX
Review, "Experiments in Book Arts", News Times, April 2, 1998: Newport, OR
Review, "Countdown 2000 Exhibit", The Synthesis, Jan. 26, 1998: Chico, CA

1997 Article, Visiting Artist Announcement, Greenville Herald Banner, Nov.20, 1997: Greenville, TX
Article, Visiting Artist Announcement, The Mountain Times, July 17, 1997: Boone, NC

1997 Review, "Art for the Masses, 500X Exhibit": The Met, May 21, 1997: Fort Worth, TX
Article, "Interview with Visiting Artists", News Times, March 7, 1997: Newport, OR

Professional Affiliations ________________________________________

1997- McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Artist Member: Dallas, TX

1996- Dallas Visual Art Center, Artist Member, Director of Affinity Groups: Dallas, TX

1994- Center for Book Arts, Artist Member: New York, NY

1994-5 Gallery 218, Co-Operative Gallery, floating Member of Board of Directors: Milwaukee, WI

1992-5 ARTARGET, Artist Member: Sarasota, FL

1991-3 A.L.L.S.(Art is Long, Life is Short). Fine Arts Student Organization. President, Treasurer.
Ringling School of Art and Design: Sarasota, FL

Awards/Honors _________________________________________________

2001 Juror's Award, Expo 2001, 500X Gallery, Charles Wylie, juror: Dallas, TX

1998 Honorable Mention, Expo '98, 500X Gallery, Ted Pillsbury, juror: Dallas, TX

1994 3rd Place, "Small Works Exhibition" Gallery 218: Milwaukee, WI

1990-3 Best of Ringling, Outstanding Student Leader of the Year, Janet Rapport Creativity Award,
Merit Award for charitable work, Who‚s Who Award for American College Students, Kimbrough Scholarship, Dorothea Dawson Scholarship, National Dean's List, President's List.
Ringling School of Art and Design: Sarasota, FL

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